The Sound for Good record label has partnered with the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS) to protect whales and dolphins by offering the new release, " Absence of Matter," by William Spivey and Aos Crowley. Please read the literature in the download. Optionally, a donation in any amount given to the WDCS project would be greatly appreciated in helping us make a difference in the world with music.

Absence of Matter is a new album by multimedia artists William Spivey and Aos Crowley. Reaching into the sonic future, the duo have crafted a suite of five sonic adventures that explore realms inspired by distant planets and exotic creatures. Their first outing together lands on an unknown planet that is ornate with forms that spiral and flow, like an organic fluid that is curious and lovely.

The album art was designed by Sonia Chan at www.area-22.com


from Absence of Matter, released June 4, 2012
William Spivey of Flagstaff, Arizona turned to sound design composing ambient electronic sound-scapes after playing drums for 20 years. Aos Crowley of San Francisco, California has been sculpting with sound for over 35 years, producing film scores and game sound design for Sony Playstation Home.

Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS) is the leading global charity dedicated to the conservation and welfare of all whales and dolphins. Serving as a world voice for the protection of these animals, creating pressure to bring about change. WDCS defend these remarkable creatures against the many threats that they face such as hunting, captivity, chemical and noise pollution, ship collisions (ship strikes) , entanglement in fishing nets (bycatch) and climate change. The organization does this by taking money raised and pumping it back into campaigns and projects across the globe that really do have an impact. Learn more about the WDCS online at www.wdcs.org

Sound for Good is a record label that publishes and promote new music as a means to support good causes. This is an independent project that is supported directly by the artists and is not for profit or monetary gain in any way. All the artists time and 100%
of your donation are focused on support a good cause.




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