from Alternoia by The New False Gods



Polynoisia is a track that has many diverse components meshed
together to create a quirky soundscape bristling with organic and
industrial sounds from the Kuwahara project by Peck and Mike
Honeycutt. One moment you're watching some strange creature
going about its business, the next something whizzes past, the
sound of its passage echoing into the distance. This is a very rich
composition, and although at times seriously strange, it is full of
little gems that pop out at you and stimulate the imagination.


from Alternoia, released July 4, 2012
Gods of Noise - Jack Hertz, Mike Honeycutt, Micheal Peck

Jack Hertz works with real and artificial sounds to create intangible techno-organic impressions between music and noise. Jack has worked with many artists over the years and, like several of the artists that worked on this album, he is actively involved with promoting music in all its forms, from radio shows on Stillstream to the recent S4G (Sound For Good) label that donates all proceeds to charity.
Web Site: jackhertz.com

Mike Honeycutt, aka Mystery Hearsay, also has a solo CD release on Monochome Vision in Moscow, Russia plus many other solo and collaborative releases that feature on labels such as base, submergence, zeromoon and the Francisco Lopez "absolute noise ensemble" release on Blossoming Noise. In addition there's the release "Burn" a long form drone collaboration with Jack Hertz and was created for the Time Drone artists series that was originally broadcast on February 16, 2011 at radio.electro-music.com.
Web Site: www.facebook.com/michealhoneycutt

Michael Peck has been involved with electronic music since the late '90's, working as both a solo musician and collaborating with others to produce a sizeable discography over the past decade. A look into his works will reveal that he his also a cross genre performer and involved with several side projects running the gamut from dark(er) ambient to industrial doom stylings.
Web Site: mpeckmusic.blogspot.com




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